25 November 2020

Missions in Norwegian – Knowledge Base Conference 2020

What's really new about "missions"? How should Norway relate to missions as they are formulated in Horizon Europe? Which specific Norwegian missions should we tackle? You will hear...

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29 October 2020

Developing Positive Energy Districts in Europe: National Strengths and Weaknesses

The objective of this Members’ webinar is to identify opportunities and bottlenecks to the implementation of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) / Zero Energy Districts (ZEDs)...

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30 October 2020

Sustainable Places Conference 2020

Sustainable Places prides itself on being an ideal platform for the dissemination of research, the conduct of workshops, EU project clustering and networking between stakeholders...

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13 October 2020

Forum Wood Building Nordic

Digital Conference from Trondheim, Norway. Join our session on SDG11: Paving the way to zero emission & positive energy neighbourhoods.

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